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Picture 042Jones Boat Yard has an unbeatable combination of facilities for the refitting of large vessels. The yard has an all weather covered dockage to fit your year round refitting needs. Jones Boat Yard has hauling capacities that reach up to 1,600 tons in displacement and 230+ ft. in length. Our Machine Shop can easily handle any shaft or precision part machining, which is so vital to a successful refit. In fact, all you need and can imagine for an extensive retrofit is located at Jones Boat Yard!

Refit is an excellent option to construction. New constructions and refits both can fulfill an Owner’s desire for a yacht that matches their personal needs, requirements and/or vision. In certain situations, a refit could be your only option, regardless if the work required is similar to that of construction of a new vessel.

It often makes perfect sense to have your own yacht refitted or to buy a top-class second-hand yacht and convert it to suit your needs. The biggest challenge is defining a refit program that covers all situations. This is where our project management team’s technical competence and experience make a decisive difference. Our capacity is proven in dealing with the extra complexity of major refit projects, where the precise scope of work required is not known at the beginning.

We have endless years of  experience in making custom additions and extensions. Then we top off our excellent refitting services with a flawless refinishing.


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