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Electrical Shop

At Jones Boat Yard we house our own staff of highly qualified electricians that are always available to review and troubleshoot any of the ship’s electrical equipment. Not only are Jones’s electricians well versed in simply repairing faulty or damaged electrical equipment, they also have endless experience in rewiring electrical systems. Our electricians are truly artist when it comes to creating custom wiring for new fixtures or equipment upgrades.

Jones Boat Yard Electrical Shop

With extensive international experience in the marine industry, our team is available and qualified to deliver recommendations, installations, repairs and maintenance of marine electrical, electronic and entertainment systems.

Our team can assist with all requirements, from initial consultation to supply, installation and service of a comprehensive range of quality electronic, electrical and entertainment equipment, including:

  • Radio category survey certification
  • Chart plotters, radar scanners, satellite television systems, communications systems, autopilots, entertainment systems, security alarms, night vision cameras
  • Wiring, switchboards, bow thrusters, engine monitoring and control, tank monitoring, water desalination systems, electric windlasses and winches, lighting, batteries, solar systems
  • Maintenance plans for all electronic, electrical and entertainment systems

Jones Boat Yard maintains the highest standards of when providing recommendations for equipment installations and/or updates.


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