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Jones Boat Yard Carpentry Jones Boat Yard’s has a state of the art Carpentry department that is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment. At Jones Boat Yard our in house Carpentry staff is second to none and has years of experience in order to handle any of your carpentry needs.

Jones Boat Yard Carpentry ServicesOur carpentry team is fully equipped and staffed with highly talented and experienced craftsmen to handle a wide variety of jobs. They perform regular maintenance and repair work such as re-bedding leaking windows as well as re-caulking boat bottoms and joints. For an elegant and stylish interior, we can custom design and build any type of furniture you need such as a dining table, wine cabinet, credenza, entertainment center, storage cabinets, electronics console, teak decking or tackle cabinet.

But no matter what the job may be, you’ll find one thing consistent about our carpentry work. And that’s the constant attention to detail and finish. Wood is sanded until it feels as smooth as satin. Joints are precision cut and jointed so they’re virtually invisible to the eye.

  • Cabinetry repairs and fabrication
  • State-of-the-art joiner shop equipped with the latest tools and precision equipment
  • Complete interior refits, custom fixed furnishings, and duplication’s utilizing traditional materials, exotic woods, and lightweight panels

So whether your yacht is in need of routine maintenance or exquisite custom interior treatments, Jones Boat Yard will meet your standards of excellence.


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